Richard Lofthouse is a UK-based London, (Hackney) editor, journalist and cyclist. In 2017 he rode 10,363kms, including Rapha's Manchester2London for Ambitious for Autism. He's raced across most disciplines but preferred cyclo-cross to criteriums. Loves his steel fixed-wheel in London and also long audaxes, cargo bikes and commuting.

Formerly an Oxford University historian and editor of global monthly magazine CNBC Business, he currently edits Oxford Today for the University of Oxford. As a freelancer he has covered the global car industry for two decades and has taken a keen interest in fuel economy and air quality, before and since 'dieselgate'. He has published journalism on all sorts of subjects including cycling and motoring, for national broadsheets such as the Financial Times and Daily Telegraph. He has a PhD in European intellectual history from Yale University (2000) and his most recent book project was as editor for Frank M. Turner's European Intellectual History from Rousseau to Nietzsche (Yale UP, 2016).